Temperature Controlled  Buildings

Cold room is a walk-in storage facility in controlled condition to keep a consistent cold temperature. It is widely used to preserve the quality of stored products like

  • Fruits – Vegetables,  Beverages

  • Flowers, Beef, Mutton Chicken meat and Seafood

  • Eggs, Cheese and other fresh foods

  • Short- and long-term products cold storage as well as blast freezing.

The EKN Cooling System Pakistan has been a leading manufacturer of temperature controlled cold storage room and Warehouses for various industries who specializes in cold rooms design, installation, and maintenance. Cold room (also called cool room, chiller room) is a walk-in storage facility in controlled condition to keep a consistent temperature, it is widely used to preserve the quality of stored products like fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers, beef and chicken meat, seafood, medicine and other fresh foods. 

With tons of experience, EKN enjoys a leading position in designing and manufacturing cold storage rooms with our talented experts and superior sourcing partners.

Our innovative, high quality and intelligent controlled cool room solutions have the characteristics of integrated design, modular installation, energy saving, easy maintenance, and long life span. Every EKN cold room is manufactured and designed to optimize your intended use.

Pre Engineered Warehouses & Portable Cabins:

Prefab system is ideally suited for large varieties of housing and building construction, including factories, warehouses, sport halls, workshops, aircraft hangers, ship yards, office buildings, commercial showrooms, distribution centers, supermarkets, small shops, restaurants and any one, two or three story building.

Temperature Controlled Buildings: A Climate-controlled storage unit is kept at a temperature between 10 and 30oC and is almost always indoor. With stable temperatures and humidity levels, your valuables will be better protected from damage in long-term storage. We perform complete design and fabrication of the following types of storage units:

  • Long service life – Enhanced architectural appearance
  • Expandable – Easy to assemble
  • All kinds of climatic and seismic conditions in mind
  • Re-locatable – Easy to transport/Light weight
  • Modular – Multi-purpose – Maximum usable space
  • Fast Delivery & Installation – Highest Quality- Built to last
  • Also Available Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (Any thickness)
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Units

  • Humidity Controlled Storage Units

  • Heated Storage Units

  • Air Cooled Storage Units

  • Air-Conditioned Storage Units

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